Simplified Rescue Vital Card

Specifically designed for the layperson

The Wharton Project’s simplified Rescue Vital Card (sRVC) is a small two sided form for first aid responders (civilian and professional) to make sure EMTs and relevant healthcare professionals get all the information they need.

The sRVC contains the following fields on Part A: First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Date of Birth (DOB), Age, Height, Width, Gender (and Preferred Pronoun), Drug Allergies, Food Allergies, Last time the patient eat, Last time the patient drank, Blood Pressure, Respiration per minute, Pain Rating, Spontaneous O2 saturation, Temperature, Glasgow Coma Scale Rating (GCS), Vascular Access, Respiratory Access, Injury Description, Time of Injury, Date of Injury, Injury Status, Area for Care Notes

The sRVC contains the following fields on Part B: 2x Emergency Contact Name, Address, Phone Number and Relation, and Area for Medical History, and Risk to Self or Others Field.


Click the button below to a PDF version of the Wharton Simplified Rescue Vital Card (sRVC). To print select a 3’’ x 5’’ index card and print borderless or bordered at a 95% scaling.